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Please Come Home, You're Dearly Missed

In the quiet corners of my heart, where memories dance like shadows, there's a feeling that I've been carrying with me. It's like I'm missing something or yearning for something. Perhaps it's our bond that's grown distant over the course of time.

Nonetheless, today on Raksha Bandhan, my heart dares to speak up, my dear brothers, "Please come home, you're dearly missed!"

I remember those days, oh how I do. The days when you teased me mercilessly, when petty fights over the TV remote were a daily ritual. You called me funny names that made me scowl then, but now they're like sweet melodies that echo in my mind. The laughter we shared, the squabbles that seemed endless – they're all woven into the tapestry of my memories.

But what I wouldn't give to relive those moments! To have you by my side, arguing over trivial matters, reminding me that even in the midst of our differences, there was an unbreakable thread of love. As I sit here now, I can't help but shed a tear, wondering who will now fight with me, who will now be the partner in my silly escapades?

Raksha Bandhan was more than just a festival to us. It was a promise, a symbol of our bond. I can still feel the rough texture of the thread when I used to pull an all nighter, crafting a rakhi, pouring my love and creativity into every stitch.

Today, our bond may not be the kind that's overly affectionate, but it was once genuine, raw, and filled with emotions that words can't fully capture.

You, my dear brothers, are far ahead in the journey of life. Teens when I entered this world, you guided me through its twists and turns. Yet, despite the age gap, the way we fought and laughed together made me feel like I was the same age as you.

The sands of time have shifted, and now we stand as grown-ups. I, an adult in the eyes of the world, but in my heart, I'm still the little sister who needs you.

The silence that lingers in the spaces you used to fill is a constant reminder of your absence. Even when you're physically present, home no longer radiates the warmth it once did. Somewhere along the way, I've lost you, or maybe we've lost each other.

I know I'm the youngest, your favorite (at least I'd like to think so). But this is me, baring my heart, urging you to come back home. The bond we shared, the memories we created – they're all waiting, like open arms, to embrace you once again. The winds of change might have scattered us, but the roots of our connection run deep.

So, on this Raksha Bandhan, as the threads of tradition intertwine, I send my silent plea through the universe: Please come home, you're dearly missed!

Your presence is a gift I long to unwrap. Let's mend the gaps, rekindle the laughter, and find our way back to each other. After all, home isn't just a place; it's where the heart is, and my heart is incomplete without you.

With hope,

Your little sister

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